How to Enable Javascript in Internet Explorer Version 8

Internet explorer is the most famous and the fastest graphical browsing browser which is basically the discontinued series of the browsers from the Microsoft company.This browser is supported on the various platforms of the Microsoft line of operating systems.Earlier it was at its highest peak but now since Macos, Linux, etc don’t allow it to run on their operating system and hence now it has lost its popularity. But still it is the best browser provided by the Microsoft development team.

So when you use this browser you need to do a lot of settings sometime for its proper working like you have to enable the javascript in this browser and this is a step by step process. When you contact the Internet Explorer Technical Support Phone Number, they will tell you to follow the below written steps:-

  • You need to first of all select the tool menu
  • After doing so you need to reach the option that says internet options
  • Then once you do so, you need to go to the tab saying security
  • Then you will see an option of the custom level, you need to click on it
  • Then for the next step you need to scroll down and then you have to change the active scripting settings
  • Now since you have made the change in the settings so now you need to go for confirming that change
  • Now you need to close the internet options which you have opened initially
  • After following these steps now you are done with the process
  • And now the javascript is enabled in your internet explorer browser.

These are the simple steps which can be followed with ease to do the required settings, but just in case you find them to be difficult then just contact someone from the technical support team provided by the Microsoft company for helping the users in tackling their issues.

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