How Can I Set Up Imap for Gmail on my iPhone

Set up IMAP settings for gmail on your iphone with these steps

Users who are utilizing iphone for their work can easily set up IMAP settings for Gmail account on iphone. This can be done by just following the steps that are mentioned below in this article. The steps for this will enable the users to get access of their Gmail account with the IMAP server settings as the configuration.

Therefore, the steps for setting up IMAP for Gmail on iphone are as followed:

  • First of all the users need to enable the IMAP settings in their Gmail settings.
  • Then select on settings option mentioned there.
  • Further, the users need to select on mail and from there go to the add account option.
  • The users then are supposed to select on the other option and should proceed further.
  • Now the users need to check various things :
  • The IMAP menu should be enabled.
  • The host name should be
  • The user name should be the users full G mail address.
  • The outgoing mail server i.e. the SMTP the host name should be
  • Once all these steps have been processed the users need to select on save.

By following these steps the users will be able to set up their gmail account with the IMAP server settings on their iphone. These steps needs to be followed very carefully so that no error is entered and the whole process undertakes very smoothly. Besides, the users can also use it for Gmail SMTP Settings but in that the credentials will be different from the above mentioned credentials.

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