How to Write a Google Review without a Gmail Account

In the initial periods Google did not allowed the individuals to write a review without owing a Gmail account. But the situation seems to have changed with the passing of time and now it would appear that Google do allow the users to leave a review with just a Google account which can be either Gmail or non-Gmail based account. The only requirement for the same is that the individual need to use his or her first and last name but the requirement to have an entire Google+ account has been dissolved. Moreover, along with this, the feature for both mobile and desktop users has also been enabled to provide access to the maximum number of users.

Google Local has been separated from the Google Plus and the process was quite long and painful. But the process is declared successful and completed with the final step of making it possible to write Google reviews without owning the Gmail account. This has actually somewhat made it easy going for the individuals.

  • Simultaneously with this update, Google have fixed a long standing drawback that prevented the individuals to write reviews and being left on mobile browsers if the business had no reviews previously.

  • For a user to leave a review the new system only require the new login for Google account and then he or she can view the required data from the desktop.

For any further assistance, the individuals can contact the Google Technical Support Toll Free Number to enquire and resolve their issues.