How to update Google Nexus s to Jelly Bean

Google Nexus is a device that smoothly run on Android system which manages design, development, marketing and support and used by million of users across the world. Nexus has some of the fast and upgraded features which has left the user spell bind which includes Display of 3.7″ display with 800×480 pixel resolution, 512 MB of storage, 5 MP rear camera, dual front facing stereo, Battery of 4325 mAh and many more which has left the user spell bind. Nexus has bring a wide range of revolution in the market of phones with its new and mind blowing features. If you are looking to update Google nexus to jelly bean than quickly follow the steps mentioned underneath:-

  1. First of all always make sure that you have latest update version of Nexus.

  2. Than click on the settings.

  3. After wards click on phone and scroll down the check the last entry as “Build Number”.

  4. Now you have to download the actual JRO03E Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA update.

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How to Connect Google Home to Wifi

Get easy solutions on how to connect Google home to Wi-Fi

Google is one of the best services it terms of showing the best results as video, PDF files, News, Entertainments and much more. And this all might be happened by the help of the strange connection of the internet that make all that possible without facing any issue. Internet connection always runs by the amazing connection of the Wi-Fi that always provides the nonstop connect for the internet and then Google home load the page to view the magnificent objects on the internet.

However, the issue always interrupts and let not allow any user to work on the internet perfectly. This is all the matter of the connection for Google home that is directly connected with the Wi-Fi. If so with you, need an assistance to resolve the issue at the correct time.

Here are we going to connect Google home to Wi-Fi as follows:

  • Open your computer and then launch the internet browser and then go to the homepage.
  • Go to the drop-down at the right of the page and then click on the home screen and then move\ to the next.
  • Scroll now to find the Google hone device card and then tap to set up and then compete for the setups as followed by the instruction showing on the screen.
  • Having done the tasks clicks on the done button and then enters the password.
  • Click the save change button at the end of the procedure.

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How to Set Up and Use Google Duo

Google duo is video chat mobile application developed and managed by Google. It is available both in Android and iOS and becomes hugely popular in little time. There are many people from around the world using Google duo for video chat or video communication.

If you also want to use Google duo but unable to setup it in your mobile, do not worry. Here we will guide you how to set up and use Google Duo with some easy steps

How to Set Up Google Duo:

  • Go to Google play or play store in your mobile
  • Search and download Google duo
  • Now click on the Google duo icon to open it
  • Agree to Google terms and conditions
  • Now allow all the permission
  • Type your phone number
  • You will receive a message on your phone number to verify it Google duo and enter it to complete verification
  • Now you are ready to use Google duo
  • How to use Google duo
  • Tap on video Call
  • Now select the person from your contacts to whom you want to make a call
  • Alternatively you can type the number to make a call
  • Now you can do video call with Duo and disconnect the call by click the red button on the screen

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Is Google Play Safe to Use

Google Play is the collection of 700000 apps and list goes on as it is known as Android Market. All these apps can be easily downloaded by the users anytime but the question is: is it safe to download an app from Google Play Store? Ya! A little bit chances are over here to entering viruses in your mobile through some app but in the case of Apple Store it is not possible. Apple uses the rules & regulations for user & developer both. Google Play is very much useful & simple as well and open to almost all users.

Security experts are asking to add an inbuilt scanner to Google Play Store that scans the suspicious applications and don’t allow them to even enter in the application.

Follow these steps:

  • Download only authentic apps from authentic store.
  • Go through people’s reviews. Many times these reviews helps a lot in deciding.
  • Do not download unofficial apps.
  • Just confirm that the quality antivirus must be present in your mobile device.

If any technical problem will arise then the user can call at the Google Customer Service Number. The android experts are always available to provide easy & instant support. The Google Support Phone Number is a 24/7 support provider so user can call at anytime and get the solutions.

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How to Write a Google Review without a Gmail Account

In the initial periods Google did not allowed the individuals to write a review without owing a Gmail account. But the situation seems to have changed with the passing of time and now it would appear that Google do allow the users to leave a review with just a Google account which can be either Gmail or non-Gmail based account. The only requirement for the same is that the individual need to use his or her first and last name but the requirement to have an entire Google+ account has been dissolved. Moreover, along with this, the feature for both mobile and desktop users has also been enabled to provide access to the maximum number of users.

Google Local has been separated from the Google Plus and the process was quite long and painful. But the process is declared successful and completed with the final step of making it possible to write Google reviews without owning the Gmail account. This has actually somewhat made it easy going for the individuals.

  • Simultaneously with this update, Google have fixed a long standing drawback that prevented the individuals to write reviews and being left on mobile browsers if the business had no reviews previously.

  • For a user to leave a review the new system only require the new login for Google account and then he or she can view the required data from the desktop.

For any further assistance, the individuals can contact the Google Technical Support Toll Free Number to enquire and resolve their issues.