How to Set Up AT&T Voicemail

AT&T-Set Up Your Voicemail

AT&T mail application is the platform for doing the instant instant messaging and storing data by using online mode. People are using multiple features associated to it and even number of features are keep on adding. It is really good to use for home and official purpose. When there would be some serious problem, individual can contact support team immediately.

There are number of issues that has been solved by AT&T support team. Here, individual can see the solution of one:

How may I set up AT&T voicemail?

  • First, user need to dial voicemail access number
  • Individual should now press *
  • It is now required to enter ten digit telephone number where the mailbox has been assigned. User will now hear “Press the pound key now to leave a message in another mailbox. Otherwise please hold”
  • There is no need to enter anything. User will hear a sound as “Since this is the first time you have accessed your mailbox, please take a minute to set up your mailbox. To begin setting up your mailbox, press pound.”
  • It is now need to create a passcode and even user should their name.
  • Also, there is need to record the personal greeting.
  • It is time to record the busy greeting.

Those who haven’t find the above solution helpful, they need to connect with support team immediately. After contacting with AT&T Technical Support team, the problem will get solve quickly. Normally, remote access technique will be applied for solving every single issue. Account holders will be even charged with certain amount of fee, it will be too low to pay by anybody. There may be certain circumstances when individual will not be satisfied, they are not liable to pay any money.

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How do I setup Call Forwarding with AT&T


If you use AT&T service then you must be in dilemma regarding how to set up the call here. So if you have doubt regarding the call activation or deactivation then you are on to very right page since here the complete steps to activate or deactivate the call forwarding are provided.

Now to activate the call forwarding you have to do as written below:

  • For this you have to first perform the off- hook action by using your home phone that is basically connected to the wireless home phone.
  • After that you have to simply dial 21+<10- digit number to forward calls to>+#.
  • After that you simply need to wait for few seconds in order to receive a confirmation tone that you can know that the forwarding is taking lace before you hang up.
  • After receiving that confirmation tone you will automatically be able to forward all your desired phone number.
  • Similarly you can follow some simple steps to deactivate the call forwarding.
  • For that you need to perform the off- hook action with your home phone connected that is again connected to the wireless home phone.
  • Then you simply have to dial #21# and then wait for some seconds for the confirmation tone that will indicate that your calls have been un-forwarded before you hang up.
  • As you do as written here you will be able to activate and deactivate the call forwarding easily.

And in case you are not able to do so then you can simply try to reach the experts from the company by calling them on to the AT&T Technical Support Phone Number. This is basically the number that is made available to the users so that they can face the issues easily by giving the calls on this number.

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How to Unlock Phone with AT&T

AT&T is worlds largest telecommunications company, and second largest provider of mobile telephone services.

How to unlock phone with AT&T

Now I am going to make it in your knowledge that how to make request an unlock code that allow your AT&T phones, tablets and other devices to open another compatible wireless network. If you have an AT&T account, then you can verify your device so that you can be eligible for submitting a request to unlock your device. You can visit verify device unlock eligibility for the same or you can directly reach to AT&T Technical Support Number team for the same.

In case you do not have any AT&T account then you have to follow some steps to submit a request to unlock your device. In order to unlock your at&t phone, tablet or any device to work on another wireless network please go through these steps.

  • First go to

  • Now read and agree to the eligibile requirements for unlocking your device.

  • Then complete and submit the form on your display.

  • Now you will receive a confirmation mail with your unlock request number.

  • To confirm your unlock request just select the link in your e-mail within 24hours of receipt.

  • Now AT&T will respond you within two working days.

  • If your request is approved then you will get a unlocking code and instructions to unlock your device via email.

  • Follow the instruction in the email in order to unlock your device.

If you want to determine the status of your request you can go through these steps.

  • Visit check your unlock status.

  • Enter IMEI number. You can get it by dialing *#06# on youe device.

  • Enter your request number.