How to Forward Calls from Cox Home Phone

Cox Communications, sometimes known as Cox Cable is an American Telecommunication company that is one of the leading providers of TV services, home phone services, internet services, in United States. Its popularity can be seen with the fact that it has more than 6.2 million happy customers using its various services.

Cox Communications mainly provide TV services and internet service but many people highly rely on its home phone service too. People using Cox phone service can use its extra available facility of call forwarding that only few of the telecommunication company offers for home phones. You can enable call forwarding options when your line remains busy, or there is no one to answer the call etc. Getting technical help by calling Cox Technical Support Phone Number can make it easy to understand the whole process of call forwarding.

How to enable or disable default call forwarding?

  • Lift the handset of your home phone and check it for a working connection.
  • To enable default call forwarding, dial “*72” on a push-button phone or “1172” on a rotating phone.
  • To enable call forwarding for “No Answer” call, dial “92” on a push-button phone or “1192” on a rotating phone.
  • To enable call forwarding for “Busy Line”, dial “*90” on a push-button phone or “1190” on a rotating phone.
  • Listen to the dial again and then dial the desired number on which you want to forward the calls.
  • To disable the default call forwarding, dial “73” on a push-button phone or “1173” on a rotating phone.
  • To disable call forwarding when line is busy, dial “91” on a push-button phone or “1191” on a rotating phone.
  • To disable call forwarding for “Not Answered” calls, dial “93” on a push-button phone or “1193” on a rotating phone.

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How to Use Google Wallet at McDonalds

The easy ways to use Google wallet

Google wallet has made the lives of several people very easy and comfortable. Millions of people are using this service all over the world and they are really and much satisfied with this. It is a fast and free way to send and receive money. The user can send money to someone using just their email

address or phone number . It is very much safe and secure for the users. In simple words this service it allows people to send and receive money from a mobile device or desktop computer at no cost to either sender or receiver . You can also use this service for occasional commercial transactions ,like collecting or accepting payments for services. Now if you want to use Google wallet at McDonalds, then you can follow the given steps:-

  • First of all sign up for Google wallet and set up Google wallet by entering your personal and billing information.
  • After the user need to click “Accept and create”.
  • In the further steps the user should click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of Google wallet homepage to check your personal and privacy settings.
  • Then create your wallet pin by entering four digit pass code and click “create pin”.
  • After installing the App open it and log in with your Google account and wallet pin.
  • In the further steps you will need to add money to your Google wallet By clicking on “Payments methods”
  • Then click on “Add to wallet balance” and then click Add.

In case of any difficulty the user can call Google Technical Support Phone Number for help. The experts are always ready to solve the problem.

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How to Setup Port Forwarding on Arris Modem


Modem is one of the highly essential device that work as modulator and demodulator for carrier waves and signals in routers. Many of the users demand for the proper steps of setting up port forwarding on Arris modem and the same query is increasing in number day by day. In the world of digitisation almost every people using wifi and internet connections personally as well as professionally. In case you are one of them who are tackling with any hurdle then call to Arris Modem Customer Service and stop roaming here and there. Here is the place where you can avail the relevant solution steps.

How to setup port forwarding on arris modem quickly and conveniently:

  • In the very first step you need to setup a static IP address into the computer or game console you wish to port forward to.
  • In the second step users are guided to get login into the Arris router.
  • Now in the further steps you have to Navigate to the port forwarding section.
  • Users are advised to tap on the Advanced link.
  • Then after click on port forwarding.
  • Hit the option of Add Service button.
  • Now the most important thing you need to note down is, enter the relevant data to create the port forward entry.

Users are recommended these steps because these steps are very convenient and there is maximum chance that by following these steps you will meet your requirement. If somehow you fail in making changes then there is nothing to panic just hold down for a second. There are many solutions steps for various complication for arris modem. You just need to call on the appropriate number either you can also leave your mail.

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How to Disable Touch Screen on ASUS q200e

Welcome to ASUS customer service for one step solution instantly specially for ASUS Q200E:

AsusTek Computer Inc. was incepted many years ago and the company is highly engaged in manufacturing mostly hardware and software along with various range of computers and laptops etc. Many complications are coming in front of us day by day which are bit complicated and essentially need some technicians to get resolved. People usually ask for the best suitable procedure to disable touch screen on ASUS q200e and personnel of the company are highly able to fulfill the demand of customers. By contacting here for any support you can also grab the live chat where you get the instant reply for every case.

Step-by-step process to disable touch screen on ASUS q200e:

  • In the very first step users are advised to Right click on Start option.
  • Hit the option of control panel and then move forward.
  • In this step users need to navigate to Hardware and Sound and then Pen & Touch.
  • In the Pen & Touch dialogue, switch to touch tab.
  • Now disable Use your finger as an input device option.
  • Hit or click Apply option.

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Many of the time it is seen that instead of following the above listed steps people do not meet the proper satisfaction. If being a user of ASUS you are still tackling many problems then choosing ASUS Customer Service would be the right decision. The customer service id the only platform where you get whole range of solution. Like as this device many of the devices contains same strings and you can also ask to disable touch screen in the middle of your work.


What is the contour by Cox & How Fast Is Cox Gigablast

Avail remarkable digital experience with Cox

What is the contour by Cox?

One of the fastest technologies which can make swift combination of ipad application and digitally effective television to create marvellous and personal experience for maximum eight users has been termed as contour which has been provided by cox. Some of the astonishing attributes of contour include it allow user to watch live programming in error free manner, Cox on demand live selection in proper manner, personalize menu to allow user to choose favorite list of program in jiffy. it allow everyone to explore the taste of the program by simply sign in with the application and providing some of the fascinating features which include my library ,on demand and watching live program in hassle free manner.

How Fast Is Cox Gigablast?

Gigablast is supreme trending internet server that has been provided by cox. it offer upto 10 times more seed than average broadband connection in market. gigablast allow user to power up and boost performance of device and at the same time and simultaneously offering fastest wifi internet connectivity. it even lag free streaming of videos, gaming, sharing and download the media files in nick of time. With cox gigablast user can swiftly protect their data and identity in appropriate manner. User can even make up to ten email account with storage comprising of maximum 10GB storage

For further assistance related to cox communication, user can make brisk call on Cox Technical Support Phone Number to get magnificent solution immediately. Technical expertise are highly proficient and knowledgeable to render satisfactory solution in professional manner. No more hesitation or decision of time choosing, give call 24/7 round the globe from any geographical location and at any time. So be in touch to reach out expertise today.

How to change Internet Explorer java version?

Are you willing to change the Java version of your Internet Explorer browser?

It may be that with the current version of Java some of the important videos or other application may not be working in a proper manner. In such cases the only solution that is left with the users is changing the Internet Explorer Java version and then updating the same to the latest edition. Some of the users may not have java installed in their browser. If that is so then some of the most important applets will not work when trying to play it or open it. There is a pre defined procedure which can be followed at any point of time by the users to get one stop solution for the underlying issue or error. Effective or standard procedure for the same is jotted down below.

Steps to change Internet Explorer Java version:

Step 1: Open your browser and then locate and click on Tools option followed by Internet Options which would be available in the list of options.

Step 2: Users can now firstly select Security tab and after having done that they can simply select the custom level button.

Step 3: Users can now scroll down to Scripting of Java Applets and then from there they need to ensure that they have checked on the Enable button.

Step 4: Finally users can click on OK to ensure that their things are done and all the Preferences are effectively saved.

Are you not being able to change the Internet Explorer Java version?

If you are not being able to change the Java version of the Internet Explorer version then the expert’s advice is the best thing which users can get at any point of time by dialling the 24/7 Internet Explorer technical support toll free phone number. They have offering impeccably high quality services to the users at all point of time so that users can get one stop solution for the underlying issue or error. Troubleshooting assistance is generally offered via one of the modes like remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support.