How do I Check my Ink levels on my Canon Printer

Process to check the ink levels of Canon printer from your computer

Canon printer is a user friendly printer on which you can print photos at home with the help of easy photo print software. Canon is the best makers of printers. While your printer is low on ink then it start to print splotchy, streaky or discoloured pages. In most of the printer you can check the estimated ink level. Some printer have built in screen to display ink level while some printers reports ink level to the computers. In the Canon printer you may find the estimated ink level in the printer’s properties.
You can also install an application to monitor the ink levels. Inkbloat and Canon IJ status monitor shows the Ink status for Canon printers.

  • To check the ink level of your printer you need to go through the following process.
  • Open the pop-up menu on the “Canon IJ Printer utility”./li>
  • Now select the “Ink level information”.
  • Now illustration about “ink types” and their “status” displayed on the screen.
  • If an error message occur then take the appropriate action as displayed on the screen.
  • If necessary then click on “Ink details.”

The process to getting information about ink level depends on the model of your printer and drivers and application installed on your computer. If you are not able to identify the ink level of your printer after following the above mentioned steps then contact to Canon Printer Technical Support team.

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How to Change Security Questions on iCloud Account

Learn the process to change the security questions on iCloud account:

Before going for further discussion, first of all people need to know about iCloud, what it is exactly. Let us tell you it is a creation of apple inc. which provide the essential services like cloud storage and cloud computing etc. Any person can store his or her data even confidential data over the server without any external hard disk. It is very secure panel where you can put your data secure.

Steps of changing security questions on iCloud account:

  • First of all segment user need to open his or her iCloud account.

  • There on the top right corner there will be a profile picture, just hit the option.

  • Now go to the setting of that account.

  • Now you have to click on the security option of that account.

  • There you will see the option to edit the security questions.

  • Here user can remove their previous questions and add on new security questions.

  • Now you just save the changes and close the account and again reopen.

Many of the time there are several issues usually seen for which user need some expertise techie at the moment. We are the company where people can put their queries and get the solution instantly. Many of the time is become necessary to change the security questions in order to secure the iCloud account with more rigidity. Meanwhile any point user can dial iCloud Technical Support Phone Number for instant solution for any technical query. The security question is needed if user wish to change the password of the iCloud account.

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How to Unlock Phone with AT&T

AT&T is worlds largest telecommunications company, and second largest provider of mobile telephone services.

How to unlock phone with AT&T

Now I am going to make it in your knowledge that how to make request an unlock code that allow your AT&T phones, tablets and other devices to open another compatible wireless network. If you have an AT&T account, then you can verify your device so that you can be eligible for submitting a request to unlock your device. You can visit verify device unlock eligibility for the same or you can directly reach to AT&T Technical Support Number team for the same.

In case you do not have any AT&T account then you have to follow some steps to submit a request to unlock your device. In order to unlock your at&t phone, tablet or any device to work on another wireless network please go through these steps.

  • First go to

  • Now read and agree to the eligibile requirements for unlocking your device.

  • Then complete and submit the form on your display.

  • Now you will receive a confirmation mail with your unlock request number.

  • To confirm your unlock request just select the link in your e-mail within 24hours of receipt.

  • Now AT&T will respond you within two working days.

  • If your request is approved then you will get a unlocking code and instructions to unlock your device via email.

  • Follow the instruction in the email in order to unlock your device.

If you want to determine the status of your request you can go through these steps.

  • Visit check your unlock status.

  • Enter IMEI number. You can get it by dialing *#06# on youe device.

  • Enter your request number.

How do I Remove Gmail Account from my One Touch Phone

Comprehensive approach to remove Gmail account from my one touch phone

How do I remove Gmail account from my one touch phone in successful way?

To remove Gmail account from my one touch phone, user is required to walk on the well designed and research steps as elaborated in successful way.

  • First of all, user is required to touch on application option
  • Moving ahead, user is required to hit click on touch mail
  • Moving ahead, user is required to tap on menu option
  • Now user is required to tap on gear icon setting option
  • Moving to next step, user is required to tap on the account which need to be removed that is Gmail account
  • User is required to scroll down and touch remove account option
  • Now user is required to touch ok option
  • Finally all the mails, messages, contacts, calendars linked with Gmail account has been removed in effective way

If in any scenario, above steps are not fair enough to resolve the glitches, user can directly reach out Gmail Technical Support Phone Number to get fabulous assistance in quick span of time. Customer can get in touch with experts through phone, email service, chat, online help forum and remote assistance in cost effective manner. Stay connected to get outstanding solution instantly.

How to Get Gmail Notifications on Mac


Gmail is the mailing service that is been used by the users on a high scale since it is the free of cost mailing service and that too from the top multinational company and hence it provides the service also according to it only, that is it provides the high class customer experience.

Now in case you are using this service on to different platform like you are using it on mac and you are not able to get the notification then you need to follow the below written steps very carefully:-

  • Here you first of all need to open the gmail account on to your device
  • And then you have to simply click on the gear icon that is present on to the upper right corner of the screen
  • Now just click on the settings option from the drop down menu
  • This will most probably take you to the general tab now from there you need to proceed further to the desktop notification option
  • Now you will see different options like new mail notification icons you eed to click on it
  • By clicking on it, you will get the notification for every new message in your inbox and you are done

So this is the simple process, in case of any further query try to contact the Gmail Technical Support. You will get the perfect solution for your issue.

How to Organize Apple Mail into Folders


Apple devices are the devices that are highly admired among the users since it has got various alluring and unique features attach to it so just in case you use any of the apple device then you need to know how to use its features effectively in order to experience the excellent customer experience.

You can even organise the apple mails into the proper folders and the simple step by step process to do so is explained below:

  • In order to create the new folder you need to first make sure that no message is selected
  • Then you have to click on the add button that is placed next to the folders present in the side bar
  • And then you can easily select the messages to send them into that folder
  • After selecting just click on the move to folder button followed by choosing a folder from the menu.
  • You can even create a sub folder and for that you have to double click on the folder name and
  • Now you need to type a new name and then have to press a return button and you are done

In case being a novice user you feel that you are in mid of any trouble then feel free to call on the Apple Mail Technical Support Phone Number in order to seek the required help.

How to Unblock my Outlook Account

Outlook account is the free web mailing service platform. This mailing service was given by the Microsoft company after the launch of the Hotmail account, and infact in the place of Hotmail account.

Follow up the below given procedure to unblock your Outlook account :

Follow the below given steps to get the unblocking method of your outlook account.

Step 1: First of all open your computer system or nay other device which you want to access your outlook account.

Step 2: Then after opening that, move to any web browser.

Step 3: Launch your browser in your system.

Step 4: On the search space bar enter the and then press enter.

Step 5: There on the login page, on the bottom of the page while entering the username, you will get that your account was blocked.

Step 6: Then instantly click on the unblock option, which will shown in the page.

Step 7: Now it will ask you to enter the registered email address or any registered mobile phone number which is suitable for you.

Step 8: Now you have choosen the mobile number verification method, then you will receive a security code over your registered mobile number.

Step 9: Just enter that code to your outlook box provided to confirm that it is your account only.

Step 10: Now once you have entered the detailed information, then after click on the ok button.

Step 11: Now your outlook account has been unblocked and from now onwards you will able to access the outlook mail services and there facilities.

Hence if still anyone face any kind of trouble while unblocking there personal outlook account then he or she may contact to the Outlook Technical Support Number provided on there official number which is Toll Free Number.