How to Remove Norton Antivirus from HP Laptop

People use Norton Antivirus because it saves your device from any potential external threats like malware, virus or spyware. So if you also have Norton Setup on your HP laptop or your HP laptop has pre-installed Norton Antivirus but for some reason now you need to remove Norton Antivirus from HP laptop then you can follow below given steps:

  • First click Start and Run. Then you have to type msconfig and then click OK.
  • Then click the Startup tab.
  • You need to verify here that the ccApp file is checked. If ccApp file is not checked, then you should check it by clicking the box on its left.

Click the Services tab here and verify that all of the following services mentioned below are checked:

Symantec Event Manager, Symantec Network Proxy, Symantec Password Validation, Symantec Settings Manager, ISSVC, Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service, Symantec Network Drivers Service, Symantec Core LC. If you find that one or more of the services mentioned above is not checked, then check it by clicking the box on its left.

  1. Now click Apply, and then click OK.
  2. Then click Yes to reboot the computer.

You can try to uninstall the Norton Antivirus program which you want to remove from your HP laptop again by using the Add/Remove Programs Windows feature.

You can go to website and follow the instructions for Norton Setup Help.

How to Recover Cox Email Password

Cox Communications is a top ten cable service provider & we are going to discuss How to Recover Cox Email Password. It originated in 1962 and operates in 18 states in USA. Services provided are Cox Cable Tv, Fox News, High-Speed Internet, Wireless Home Networking, Digital Phone, Home Security and many other.

This Cox article is all about recovering your Cox email password in case it has been hacked or if any other issue arises related to your Cox account.

Ways to recover Cox password:

Method 1: In case you remember the username and forget the password:

Step 1: Click the Reset with user id.

Step 2: You will be asked to answer the secret question or your email id that you had saved at the time of creating the account.

You can now set your new password and login to your account with the email id and new password.

Note: If you do not remember what answer you gave for your secret question, please contact out customer service.

Method 2: In case you want to reset your cox email password:

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Then click on Forget User id or password.

Step 3: Enter your user id & continue.

Step 4: Now choose send email option.

Step 5: Click Continue.

Step 6: You will got an email with the reset instruction now follow it and reset your password.

Your new password will be saved, you can now login to your account with your user id and new password.

In case you have any further queries related to your account, feel free to call the Cox Email Technical Support team.

How to Reset Roadrunner Email Password

Roadrunner Support is providing complete resources for the help of the customer in many ways. This type of Roadrunner support service provides the assistance in order to check Wi-Fi support android phone, Email supports phone troubleshooting and voice mail also. You can easily call and talk with our support department and billing department too whereas you may experience exact information regarding several issues through our Roadrunner Technical Executive.

There are number of users who is continue attach with their android phone for surfing the internet to check out their Roadrunner account and for searching desired things on the web page. Roadrunner is a webmail including account is significance for those users who are using these types of email service. After create your account in Roadrunner you will get more enough information from on its home based webpage which available for the help of the customer.

Roadrunner gives you a valid detail In case any users who forget his password then he can get help by the Roadrunner Technical Support number. It will give you more details regarding the issue by online chat or voicemail where you have to follow the instruction.

If you want reset you Roadrunner account password you can follow the basic steps given below:

  • The first step is to reset password you must have to open internet browser.
  • Then type
  • After that click on I don’t know my email password & enter your Email Address.
  • Now enter the verification code the two words displayed, separated by one space.
  • Click Submit.
  • Enter your cable MAC address & submit.
  • Now select Security Verification Question and provide the answer for it.
  • Click Reset Password & save the password after that link to the Self Care Section, Now you can change your new password.

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Is Google Play Safe to Use

Google Play is the collection of 700000 apps and list goes on as it is known as Android Market. All these apps can be easily downloaded by the users anytime but the question is: is it safe to download an app from Google Play Store? Ya! A little bit chances are over here to entering viruses in your mobile through some app but in the case of Apple Store it is not possible. Apple uses the rules & regulations for user & developer both. Google Play is very much useful & simple as well and open to almost all users.

Security experts are asking to add an inbuilt scanner to Google Play Store that scans the suspicious applications and don’t allow them to even enter in the application.

Follow these steps:

  • Download only authentic apps from authentic store.
  • Go through people’s reviews. Many times these reviews helps a lot in deciding.
  • Do not download unofficial apps.
  • Just confirm that the quality antivirus must be present in your mobile device.

If any technical problem will arise then the user can call at the Google Customer Service Number. The android experts are always available to provide easy & instant support. The Google Support Phone Number is a 24/7 support provider so user can call at anytime and get the solutions.

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McAfee Antivirus not Showing in System Tray

McAfee-Get A Way To Show In System Tray

McAfee has made a better reputation because of the presence of effective cleaning system. The performance of an individual can be improvised and user will get better security system while surfing the internet. It is liable to give better results in cleaning the spywares. It could be downloaded easily from the official site and could be renewed at regular interval for better experience. There may be certain times when individual will need help for the technical difficulties, user should reach the customer service team at that time immediately. There are the different issues that has been solved by McAfee Antivirus Technical Support team.

  • Is it possible to solve proxy service module in McAfee?
  • What is the method to solve McAfee updation error?
  • How to fix updation error in McAfee?
  • Why McAfee antivirus is not installing?
  • What is the method to renew the McAfee subscription?
  • How to uninstall McAfee on Mac operating software?
  • How to turn off McAfee on windows 10?
  • Why the antivirus is not performing the real time scanning?
  • What is the method to recover McAfee account password?
  • How McAfee product could be managed?

There are number of issues that has been resolved by the support team. Here, individual will know the method to fix one:

What to do when McAfee is not showing in the system tray?

  • Tap the option of “Start” and then Programs
  • Individual should now choose “McAfee” and “VirusScan Console”
  • Choose the option of “Tools” and then “User Interface Options”
  • It is now need to verify that one of the options for “Show the system tray icon” is enabled.
  • In case,if the user will select the option like “Do not show the system tray icon”, then select the option of “Apply”
  • Also, there is need to re-select the original option for “Show the system tray icon”
  • Tap the “Apply” option and then tap “Ok” button

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