How to Take out Jammed Paper from Canon Printer

A paper jam may occur on any type of printer and the paper jam must be resolved to continue printing. This article will help you in clearing the paper jam with your canon printer.

How to take out jammed paper from Canon Printer?

  • Turn off the printer and remove any loose paper from the printer.
  • Locate the tray used to feed paper in the printer. If jammed paper is stained, slowly remove it. Use both hands to hold the edges of the paper and slowly pull it out. If there are more plates, remove one sheet at a time.
  • Open the back cover of the printer. The rear access door gives you access to your printer rolls, and you should be able to immediately tag paper still in the printer. Slowly remove visible paper.
  • Open the print cartridge door. Investigate the interior of the printer; if the paper is not visible Close the print cartridge cover. If the paper is visible, slowly try to remove it.
  • Close the print cartridge cover when all paper is removed.
  • Load only undamaged paper into the printer and turn on the printer.
  • Select the “Resume / Cancel” button on the printer interface to cancel print or continue printing from the last page.

After following these steps you can easily solve your issues regarding Canon Printer but incase if you found yourself unable to do so contact on Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number anytime.

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How do I Check my Ink levels on my Canon Printer

Process to check the ink levels of Canon printer from your computer

Canon printer is a user friendly printer on which you can print photos at home with the help of easy photo print software. Canon is the best makers of printers. While your printer is low on ink then it start to print splotchy, streaky or discoloured pages. In most of the printer you can check the estimated ink level. Some printer have built in screen to display ink level while some printers reports ink level to the computers. In the Canon printer you may find the estimated ink level in the printer’s properties.
You can also install an application to monitor the ink levels. Inkbloat and Canon IJ status monitor shows the Ink status for Canon printers.

  • To check the ink level of your printer you need to go through the following process.
  • Open the pop-up menu on the “Canon IJ Printer utility”./li>
  • Now select the “Ink level information”.
  • Now illustration about “ink types” and their “status” displayed on the screen.
  • If an error message occur then take the appropriate action as displayed on the screen.
  • If necessary then click on “Ink details.”

The process to getting information about ink level depends on the model of your printer and drivers and application installed on your computer. If you are not able to identify the ink level of your printer after following the above mentioned steps then contact to Canon Printer Technical Support team.

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