How to Activate Norton Antivirus Redemption Coupon

How to activate Norton antivirus redemption coupon?

Norton Antivirus happens to be the most-trendy antivirus that has helped protect your computer from viruses, worms, trojans, malware, spyware, and additional threats online. It boasts of the finest real-time defence capabilities.

Norton is a name you can trust with your closed eyes. You can use Norton Setup to install the antivirus program and protect your computer from unwanted attacks.

Be it your personal computer, iPad, desktop, laptop or your mobile phone, Norton antivirus is important for all people looking for security services. Norton antivirus can be installed by using redemption coupon also. To activate Norton antivirus through redemption coupon, follow the below steps:

How to activate Norton antivirus redemption coupon?

You can save your money for an antivirus by activating Norton antivirus through redemption coupon. Once you have the redemption code with you, the antivirus program can be installed on your computer.

  • Open Norton antivirus website.
  • Select your Norton product to purchase.
  • Click ACTIVATE for the Norton offer you want to redeem.
  • Enter the promotional code you have with you.
  • Your discount is activated now. You can get the product at discounted price and save huge money.

Users can get support on toll free number for any Norton related issues. However if there is any problem with redemption of coupons while purchasing any Norton products, you can get Norton Setup Support and get satisfactory resolution for your problem. The support line is open round the clock throughout the year. So in case you have any issues, don’t panic. Get in touch with Norton support executives and fix the issue instantly.

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How to Take out Jammed Paper from Canon Printer

A paper jam may occur on any type of printer and the paper jam must be resolved to continue printing. This article will help you in clearing the paper jam with your canon printer.

How to take out jammed paper from Canon Printer?

  • Turn off the printer and remove any loose paper from the printer.
  • Locate the tray used to feed paper in the printer. If jammed paper is stained, slowly remove it. Use both hands to hold the edges of the paper and slowly pull it out. If there are more plates, remove one sheet at a time.
  • Open the back cover of the printer. The rear access door gives you access to your printer rolls, and you should be able to immediately tag paper still in the printer. Slowly remove visible paper.
  • Open the print cartridge door. Investigate the interior of the printer; if the paper is not visible Close the print cartridge cover. If the paper is visible, slowly try to remove it.
  • Close the print cartridge cover when all paper is removed.
  • Load only undamaged paper into the printer and turn on the printer.
  • Select the “Resume / Cancel” button on the printer interface to cancel print or continue printing from the last page.

After following these steps you can easily solve your issues regarding Canon Printer but incase if you found yourself unable to do so contact on Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number anytime.

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How do I update my Kindle Fire 2nd Generation

Get Kindle Customer Service To Resolve Your Kindle Problems

Amazon provides a wide range of Kindle devices, which has great features. The users can easily handle the devices after then download latest versions of the software for their device to improve stability and add security features. However, sometimes users reported to be facing difficulty in updating software for their Kindle devices. If you have also the same issue, then follow these steps to fix this problem.

How Do I Update My Kindle Fire 2nd generation?

Automatic Download:

  • First, open your Kindle device, go to the home screen, and then tap on the “Settings” option.
  • Then tap on “Sync” and check any updates are available there, if yes, then click on it.

Manually Download:

  • Alternatively, you can manually download a Kindle software update and transfer it to your Kindle via USB. Follow these steps.
  • Go to the Amazon official website for software updates or navigate link “”.
  • Go to the download link and click on it.
  • Ensure your Kindle device is on and then connect to your computer through USB cable.
  • Now, open the Kindle Fire drive, and find the software update file on your computer and then drag and drop it into the Kindle updates folder.
  • Once the transfer process is complete, then disconnect on the screen of your Kindle Fire.
  • Next, open your Kindle device and go to “Settings” option, and then tap “More” button.
  • Then tap on “Update” option to update Kindle device.

Grab Kindle Customer Service For Online Help:

If you have any doubt to the above steps, then connect now with our Kindle Customer Service Number team for getting immediate guidance & support. Our technicians are available for 24×7 for help.

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How to Disable Touch Screen on ASUS q200e

Welcome to ASUS customer service for one step solution instantly specially for ASUS Q200E:

AsusTek Computer Inc. was incepted many years ago and the company is highly engaged in manufacturing mostly hardware and software along with various range of computers and laptops etc. Many complications are coming in front of us day by day which are bit complicated and essentially need some technicians to get resolved. People usually ask for the best suitable procedure to disable touch screen on ASUS q200e and personnel of the company are highly able to fulfill the demand of customers. By contacting here for any support you can also grab the live chat where you get the instant reply for every case.

Step-by-step process to disable touch screen on ASUS q200e:

  • In the very first step users are advised to Right click on Start option.
  • Hit the option of control panel and then move forward.
  • In this step users need to navigate to Hardware and Sound and then Pen & Touch.
  • In the Pen & Touch dialogue, switch to touch tab.
  • Now disable Use your finger as an input device option.
  • Hit or click Apply option.

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Many of the time it is seen that instead of following the above listed steps people do not meet the proper satisfaction. If being a user of ASUS you are still tackling many problems then choosing ASUS Customer Service would be the right decision. The customer service id the only platform where you get whole range of solution. Like as this device many of the devices contains same strings and you can also ask to disable touch screen in the middle of your work.


What is the contour by Cox & How Fast Is Cox Gigablast

Avail remarkable digital experience with Cox

What is the contour by Cox?

One of the fastest technologies which can make swift combination of ipad application and digitally effective television to create marvellous and personal experience for maximum eight users has been termed as contour which has been provided by cox. Some of the astonishing attributes of contour include it allow user to watch live programming in error free manner, Cox on demand live selection in proper manner, personalize menu to allow user to choose favorite list of program in jiffy. it allow everyone to explore the taste of the program by simply sign in with the application and providing some of the fascinating features which include my library ,on demand and watching live program in hassle free manner.

How Fast Is Cox Gigablast?

Gigablast is supreme trending internet server that has been provided by cox. it offer upto 10 times more seed than average broadband connection in market. gigablast allow user to power up and boost performance of device and at the same time and simultaneously offering fastest wifi internet connectivity. it even lag free streaming of videos, gaming, sharing and download the media files in nick of time. With cox gigablast user can swiftly protect their data and identity in appropriate manner. User can even make up to ten email account with storage comprising of maximum 10GB storage

For further assistance related to cox communication, user can make brisk call on Cox Technical Support Phone Number to get magnificent solution immediately. Technical expertise are highly proficient and knowledgeable to render satisfactory solution in professional manner. No more hesitation or decision of time choosing, give call 24/7 round the globe from any geographical location and at any time. So be in touch to reach out expertise today.

How to Use Function Key in Lenovo Keyboard

Use Function Key in Lenovo Keyboard by Following Steps

Lenovo laptops are widely used in all over the world for its optimum features. Lenovo laptops are very easy to use and there is not any tough task to use it. Every laptop or computer comes with Fn keys including Lenovo but most of the users have no idea that how to use it. Are you one among those? Then read this article and know how to use Fn key.

  • Fn + F1 :- Reserved
  • Fn + F2 :- When you press these keys together, then a power scheme panel will appear.
  • Fn + F3 :- With the help of this combination, you can adjust the brightness of your display.
  • Fn + F4 :- The combination of these keys can shut down your computer.
  • Fn + F5 :- When you press these keys, then a list of wireless features will display under the Wireless Radio Control window.
  • Fn + F6 :- Apply a presentation scheme straightforwardly.
  • Fn + F7 :- Play a DVD movie or video.
  • Fn + F8 :- You can customize the settings of UltarNav pointing device.
  • Fn + F9 :- With the combinations of these keys, you can open ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator.
  • Fn + F10 :- Reserved.
  • Fn + F11 :- It will put your computer into hibernation mode.
  • Fn + F12:- Turn the ThinkPad light on or Off.

For any further information on the using of Fn keys, you can dial Lenovo Technical Support Phone Number and avail the relevant information from very skilled technical experts. They will provide an effective assistance on your various queries related to Lenovo products. You can dial these numbers at 24/7 hours.