How to Delete a iCloud Account without the Password

iCloud-Delete It Without Using Password

iCloud is really an important asset to store photos, documents and apps. It is really good to use because people got enough space to store lot of things and even could overcome from security issues. It is really smooth to work with but there are some issues for which user may need help. To get help in such situations, there is need to reach support team immediately.

What is the process to delete iCloud account without password?

  • First, user need to open “Settings” and should tap on iCloud.
  • After user will tap on iCloud option, they will be asked for the password. User should put any random number in its place.
  • Tap ‘done’ after typing the random number, iCloud account will tell that it’s not correct.
  • Click on “OK” button and then Cancel. Individual will be directed towards the iCloud page again.
  • There is need to tap ‘Account” one more time, there is need to remove the description and select done.
  • Individual will now be taken back to the main iCloud page without the password option.
  • Now, the feature of find my phone feature will be turned off.
  • However, user should scroll down and select “Delete”

When user will need additional assistance for the above solved issue and they will not find it applicable, user need to contact with support team immediately. iCloud Customer Service team can be contacted by using helpline number. It is really easy to get on support site.


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